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    La Lanta Lake Lu Lake

    Completion Time :2012

    Location:Lao Lake Luang Lake

    Quantity:16 units of elevator without machine room, and 52 units of escalator.

    La Lanta Lake Lu Lake project is a set of catering retail, leisure and entertainment, tourism, a variety of architectural style hotel complex and hotel-style apartments and other formats as one of the large urban complex. Planning to borrow the project around the river landscape environment resources, the integration of convenient traffic around the reasonable organization of the internal flow system, to create the theme of the project features to cater to the overall development orientation of Vientiane Metro. Building in the space design of the financial landscape, satisfied with the formation of high-end characteristics of catering, leisure and entertainment, tourism, cultural display, brand shopping and resort hotels, hotel apartments as one of the pleasant fashion district. Fuji a large number of the introduction of advanced elevator control technology, the system control more reasonable, accurate and efficient,so that the rationalization of shopping malls without congestion. And the use of the latest environmentally friendly manufacturing technology, safety devices and signal devices, so that the elevator energy saving and environmental protection.
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