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    Yubei District People's Hospital of Chongqing Municipality

    Completion Time :2012

    Location:China Chongqing

    Quantity:20 units of elevator with machine room, 14 units of elevator without machine room, and 12 units of escalator.

    Yubei District People's Hospital of Chongqing Municipality is a comprehensive national secondary hospital with more than 60 years history of hospital building, medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. It is the medical service technical guidance center and medicalemergency center. The hospital has 400 active employees, including 320 medical technicians, 5 senior titles, 56 senior titles, 92 intermediate titles, 10 graduate students, 265 beds in the hospital, the actual open beds 360. The annual outpatient amount of more than 25 million people, the annual treatment of inpatients more than 20,000 cases. Fuji for the project using mature control technology, energy saving and environmental protection permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction system, in the design of the maximum extent to meet the hospital a variety of special requirements for the patient to create a caring, comfortable space to assist the medical Personnel efficient and quick to complete the sacred mission.
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