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    Development History


    Huzhou fuji elevator company was established to create a "fuji" brand new brilliant road.


    Enterprises to achieve restructuring, bear the courage for the first, to climb the peak of the industry mission.


    Enterprise changed its name to Zhejiang FUJI Elevator Co., Ltd.


    Enterprises to achieve cooperation with foreign technology, the introduction of advanced control technology, changed its name to Zhejiang Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd.


    And further integration of foreign negotiations, to achieve technical and capital cooperation in the field of consistency, renamed the Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd.


    The elevator company capital increase to 120 million yuan, officially changed its name to Hengda Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd.


    o carry out cooperation with China's well-being listed companies business model; won the national high-tech enterprises, all-round to enhance the level of production technology and scientific research and innovation capacity, to the first-line elevator brand manufacturing enterprises forward.


    Won the key enterprises and developed into a scale above the enterprise representatives of HuZhou City.


    Investment 180 million yuan, covering nearly 100 acres, the experimental tower height of nearly 100 meters of modern three plant completed and put into production.

    National first solar lifts. The company won the Zhejiang provincial patent demonstration enterprises and provincial high-tech enterprise R & D center.


    Heng Fu Group's another embodiment of the German brand and skills of the "public elevator" came into being, opened the group multi-brand, multi industry operation of the new model.


    In the industry took the lead in the use of Internet of things monitoring system, effectively strengthen the remote control of the elevator operation to ensure that the elevator products run well.


    Won the labor relations harmonious enterprises, the elevator industry ten most competitive ladder brand, to win more market development initiative at the same time improve the overall strength of the enterprise.


    Won the Huzhou City Science and Technology Progress Award, Huzhou City, the three strong industrial, export trade services, advanced trade enterprises, the top ten industrial tax and so on the title of industrial enterprises.

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